To say that I’ve been blessed in my journey through this writing career of mine is an understatement indeed. I’ve been afforded opportunities that many writers never get to enjoy. Being interviewed about my work is one of them.

I’ve been interviewed a number of times in recent years and for a while now I’ve been thinking that I should have a spot somewhere so that those who are interested can find links to those interviews and not have to go hunting all over the internet for them. So here they are. I think I might be missing one or two but that’s okay. When I find them I’ll add ’em on. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy these interviews and hope that they’ll provide you with an insight into the how and why I do my thing.

Thank You and God Bless.


The Kuykendall Post Interview with A.K. Kuykendall / April 2015

The Too Full To Write Interview / September 2016

The Geek Watch One Interview…Now With More Pulp / June 2017

The Q&A New Pulp Author Interview with Brian Woodman, Jr. / September 2018

The Black History Month Spotlight Interview with John F. Allen / February 2020

Eleven Questions with Derrick Ferguson asked by Milton Davis / June 2020

The Dark World Podcast Interview with G.W. Thomas and M.D. Jackson /August 2020

Desmond Does 6Q With Derrick Ferguson / August 2020