You Say You Know I Have A Patreon Site But You Don’t Know If You Want To Be A Patron Of Mine? Is THAT What’s Troubling You?

I suppose that out of the many reasons that I’m not yet rich and famous, the fact that I’m notorious lousy at promotion is either #1 or #2. I seem to have this unreasonable faith/belief that those who want to find my work will find it, one way or another. That includes my Patreon site. While you may know I have one you may not know exactly what content is available to you there. Okay, we can take care of that right now and hopefully the information I’m about to impart to you will assist you in making an informed decision as to you becoming a Patron of mine or not.

Let’s start with the crown jewel of the lot, shall we? If you’re a Dillon fan and haven’t yet signed up to check out Dillon and The Prophecy of Fire then you’ve been missing out on a story that’s got a lot of significant events in Dillon’s life and career that you haven’t been previously privy to. The story is a direct sequel to “Dillon and The Night of The Krampus” and has Dillon taking his longtime friends/sidekicks Reynard Hansen and Wyatt Hyatt along with their newfound friend Professor Ursula Van Houghton to someplace we’ve never seen before: Dillon’s Pennsylvania estate, named Coppereye (an all too obvious homage to Ian Fleming’s Caribbean estate, “Goldeneye”).

As you can imagine, Reynard and Wyatt are surprised to find out that Dillon has a permanent residence all this time that they’ve never even suspected existed, complete with staff, mind you. But they don’t have much time to catch up before they’re thrown into a mystery involving a sinister cabal of scientists whose dangerous research project involves Vril Energy. Something that Dillon knows far more about than he’s comfortable with.


The first ten chapters of the story are up now and the conclusion will be posted soon. Then the entire thing will be up until June when a new Dillon serial; “Dillon and The Island of Dr. Mamuwalde” will take over. More about that over at the Dillon blog here where I did an entire entry about the genesis of “Dillon and The Island of Dr. Mamuwalde.” Enjoy.

Diamondback I: It Seemed Like A Good Idea at The Time is a novel with a pretty long history. It’s my attempt to write what I call an “Urban Western.” Which simply means that instead of riding nags and blasting away with six-shooters, the good guys and bad guys drive BMWs, Jaguars and Lamborghinis and shoot each other with automatic weapons. A more detailed description and breakdown of the story can be found here.


One Night in Denbrook is a work in progress going back to 2009. The origins of the story are mainly because I wanted to see if I could do a prose version of a 1980s Action Movie. That’s all. My aspirations as a writer on this particular piece really don’t go any further than trying to put a movie on paper. Most of you who have been following me for a while and know that I usually say that I consider myself a frustrated film director so One Night in Denbrook is my shot at writing a story visual as I possibly could, throwing in all kinds of off-the-wall characters and situations.

The plot is simple: Denbrook’s criminal element is hunting for the heart of Toulon The Magician, Denbrook’s #1 crime lord and one of the main characters of Diamondback. Some characters who appear in Diamondback also appear in this one as the events of One Night in Denbrook take place before the events of Diamondback. The heart of Toulon falls into the hands of one J. Cadwallander, a cab driver who turns out to have an eclectic and incredibly lethal skill set that no respectable cab driver should have and he spends one wild night trying to stay alive while everybody and their mother is trying to kill him for the heart.

The city of Denbrook was created by one of the most imaginative and creative writers I know. Mike McGee is flat out brilliant. That’s the best I can say about him. I truly appreciate the fact that he created the city of Denbrook and then just turned it over to a bunch of writers to use as we please.


So that’s it. That’s what up there right now. From time to time I throw up a short story I dig out of my digital files just as a treat and I’m thinking of offering a freebie every now and then just for the fun of it. By all means, if there’s something I can do that would entice you to sign up and become a Patron of mine, by all means let me know here or by email:

As always, I thank you for your time and kind patience. Blessings on you, your household and all that live there. Talk to you later.



What Else I Got Goin’ On

Ah, the beginning of a New Year…a time to revel in the hopes and dreams and ambitions of twelve spanking brand-new months ahead of us, am I right?

So of course, this post won’t be about that. Instead I’m going to indulge in my usual blatant huckstering of my wares. Hey, if there’s any resolution I’ve made for 2018 it’s to make sure that you have no reason to say you don’t know me or what I do. And so we begin:

Derrick Ferguson’s Amazon Page: Here’s where you find all the books I’ve written and all the anthologies I’ve got stories in.

Dillon: the blog dedicated to my best known and most popular character. If you don’t know anything about Dillon and want to get a flavor of what the character is about and what his adventures are all about, start here.

Usimi Dero: My Facebook group. Most of the members are writers, podcasters, artists and folks of various creative pursuits. It makes for some fun and lively discussions. Feel free to check it out and if it strikes your fancy and seems like a spot you’d like to hang out on a regular, by all means, join up.

My Patreon Page: Currently I’ve got two serials running there with a new chapter every month. First up there’s “Dillon and The Prophecy of Fire” which is a direct sequel to “Dillon and The Night of The Krampus.” If you are a fan of Dillon then you should be reading this one because there’s a lot of surprising revelations secreted within. And there’s “Diamondback: It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time” the remastered version of my long out-of-print urban western.

The Ferguson Theater: My movie review blog. There’s something like 400+ movie reviews up there now and I’m adding to it all the time. I seem to have achieved some sort of popularity with it. So if you’re a movie fan, bounce on over there and read some of the reviews. Then drop me an email or leave a message there and tell me how wrong I was in my reviews of your favorite movie.

Okay? I’m not a hard guy to find as you can see. And you can always come on right back here to catch up with what I’m doing with my other writing projects. You may even find a book review or an interview with a writer or some other creative type. Thanks for stopping by and don’t be a stranger, hear?




Greetings and Salutations


The title of this initial welcoming entry as well as the illustration accompanying it says it all I should think. Greetings, Salutations and Welcome. For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Derrick Ferguson and I’m your host. Most of you reading this will already know me since you were no doubt familiar with my “Blood & Ink” blog which briefly morphed into “Ferguson, Inc” for a couple of months before it went dark. And it went dark because I had plans for this blog and I didn’t want to muddy the waters by piling- new stuff on that blog when I could save it for this one.

And why this spanking brand new blog you ask? No other reason other than my other two blogs; The Ferguson Theater  and Dillon are also Word Press blogs and it just seemed to make more sense to me that this one be in the same family as well. My changing from Blogger from Word Press is not meant to express any dissatisfaction with Blogger, I assure you. I found it most adequate for my purposes and I recommend it with enthusiasm. But it’ll be easier to co-ordinate material between my three blogs if they’re all under one umbrella, I should think.

So what can you expect from FERGUSON INK? if you regularly followed “Blood & Ink” then you can expect the same content here. I fully intend to keep up with my series of “Kickin’ The Willy Bobo” interviews which I can say with pardonable pride were very well received. I honestly enjoy interviewing other writers and related creative types. Mainly because I’m a nosy so-and-so and by doing those interviews I got to know a lot more about some very interesting people that I now am proud to call not only colleagues but friends. There’s a link on here somewhere to the old site where you can find a ton of interviews I’ve done but many of those are out of date so I’ll be contacting a lot of those folks to do updated interviews. It should be fun. I’m looking forward to catching up with what a lot of these folks have been doing.

I will also keep you up to date on my various upcoming projects. I know, I know, I haven’t had anything new published lately. There’s a lotta good reasons behind that and here I plan to tell you about why that was so. I do believe in communication with you guys because you spend a lot of time (and hopefully money…let’s be honest here) with me and you deserve to know what’s going on with me as many of you communicate with me regularly by email, Facebook, Skype and smoke signals and you have questions. As you should.

Book reviews will also be a part of this new blog as they were on the old one. And as you will notice, my “50 New Pulp Books To Get You Started” has it’s own page as does “50 New Pulp Movies To Get You Started.” I plan to add to these lists until they get up to 100 and then call it quits. if you’ve got any suggestions for either, please feel free to send them along.

What else? Not much. I just wanted to let you know that this blog is here and it’s here for one reason only; I like you guys and I like to stay in touch with you and let you know what I like and maybe turn you onto some cool stuff and maybe take your mind off whatever bullshit is clogging up whatever you use for thinking. So bookmark this blog and come back often. We’re gonna have some fun here, I promise. Until next time, Take Care and God Bless.